Students wear a black blazer with edging on the lapel with the particular colour for the Year Group with either a box pleated black skirt or black tailored trousers. A student will wear the same colour trim (and tie) throughout her time at Witton Park Academy.

The colours for 2017-18 are as follows:

Year 7 Red edging on the lapel with a red tie
Year 8 
Pale blue edging on the lapel with a pale blue tie
Year 9 Jade green edging on the lapel with a jade green tie
Year 10 
Royal blue edging on the lapel with a royal blue tie
Year 11 
Purple edging on the lapel with a purple tie

Girls Uniform Boys Uniform
School Blazer
Plain black headscarf (optional)
White shirt
Black tailored trousers or black knee length skirt
Black Shoes
Plain navy blue or black outdoor coat

Girls Uniform

School blazer
White Shirt
Black tailored trousers
Black socks
Black shoes
Plain navy blue or black outdoor coat

Boys Uniform


The PE Kit will also be changing slightly, however, students will be allowed to continue to use their current PE Kit until such time as it needs to be replaced.

The replacement PE Kit will consist of:

A polo shirt which is white with sky and navy blue.

Girls PE Kit Boys PE Kit
White polo shirt with school badge

A ‘Skort’ instead of PE shorts

Plain blue tracksuit bottoms

White socks

Training shoes – no high tops, skater wear or fashion pumps

School rugby shirt to wear outdoors


White polo top with School badge

Navy shortsWhite socks

Training shoes


Rugby shirt with School badge

Navy shorts

Navy blue socks

Training shoes/football boots

Optional – Raincoat

(purchased from uniform supplier)


Outdoor coats must be black or navy and have no logos or other markings. Shoes must be black. Boots such as Timberland style, brown shoes or trainers are not acceptable. Skirts need to be of an appropriate length. Short skirts with slits are not acceptable. Trousers must be without designs, lines or elaborate stitching. They must be straight legged and should not be tight fitting and of appropriate length. Hooded tops are not acceptable.

At Witton Park High School we believe that smartly dressed students create a positive image of themselves and of the school. This in turn can help students obtain employment or a place in further education or training.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at the school in the incorrect uniform can expect to be sent home to get changed.

All students are required to have full uniform – fashion garments are not allowed, school bags, or rucksacks are required, small handbag type bags are not suitable for school.



School blazers must be worn at all times.

Black School shoes are to be worn at all times – trainers are not allowed.

Outdoor coats can be worn over a blazer – but not without a blazer.

Caps cannot be worn on the school site.  Hats are not to be worn inside school.

Non-uniform tops, including hooded tops are not allowed and cannot be worn on school site. (Outdoor coats can have hoods, but are not to be worn indoors.)

Girls must wear black tailored school trousers or school skirts (which need to be knee length)

Hair colour and style must be appropriate for the school and not be extreme, eg: Mohican style, hair sculpting or bright colours.

Appropriate aprons must be worn for practical subjects in Design and Technology, Art and Food Technology.

Headscarves should be plain black.


Due to Health and Safety regulations the school must insist upon students following the rules, which are:-

Boys and girls are allowed to wear one pair of ear stud – no earrings

The school recognises that facial piercings have increased in popularity. However, this can cause Health and Safety risks in school, particularly in practical subjects. The school would as a first preference ask parents/carers not to allow their child to have a facial piercing. If this cannot be avoided then to have the piercing at the start of a holiday will make removing the stud easier as students will be required to remove the stud when asked by a member of staff, where they feel there is a risk.  In the event that the school feels the facial/body piercings of a student are inappropriate the Year Manager will contact you to discuss the issue.

A watch may be worn.

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that their child follows the rules regarding uniform and is smart for school. In particular, to ensure that shirts are tucked in and ties are worn correctly.