Adverse Weather

School will remain open unless you are told otherwise


Information for Parents in the event of adverse weather conditions (Snow)

Parents are asked to note that any decision to close the school would only be taken as a last resort, and when no other alternative was available. I will assess the safety of students and staff as the main concern when making any decision.

Many staff travel from outside the Borough and quite often conditions early in the morning are worse than later in the day. With this in mind, my first step in severe weather will be to delay opening the school until 10.30am. This will allow staff and students to travel safely into school avoiding peak traffic congestion.

If conditions do not improve sufficiently to open the school at 10.30am, I will then close the school.

In the event of a delayed start or full closure, information will be communicated by:

1) Radio Lancashire (in the first instance)
2) Real Radio
3) 107 The Bee
4) Text Message
5) School Website
6) Twitter – head@wittonpark

A decision to delay opening or closure will be taken as early as possible in order to minimise any disruption. The school will be open at the normal times unless you hear otherwise via the communication chain above.

If you have recently changed phone numbers, could you please ensure that we have your new contact numbers as a text message is often the most reliable communication method.

Thank you for your co-operation

D. Logan
Head Teacher