Physical Education

The Physical Education Faculty


Mr J Hatton – Teacher of PE

Mr N Hayes – Teacher of PE

Mr L Jackson – Curriculum Leader

Ms M Porter – Teacher of PE

Mrs P Waite – Teacher of PE

Mrs L Thompson – Teacher of PE

Miss Abbey Robinson – Teacher of PE


Our Learning Aims

We aim to provide learning opportunities for all of our students to excel through sport.  A high quality PE curriculum empowers all students to have the knowledge and understanding to sustain regular lifelong physical activity within a recreational or competitive environment.

Our students develop necessary life skills, both personally and socially, improving communication, co-operation and teamwork, and promoting a sense of achievement.  Students of all levels of ability benefit by developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility that will assist them in challenging and competitive situations in their future careers.

Our new school building  has outstanding sporting facilities and extensive grounds.  Intrinsic to the design of the new build was the importance of sporting excellence. Our new building and surrounding grounds are equipped to enable its students to reach their true potential in athletics and other sporting opportunities.

In addition we also have links to local clubs in the area for netball, cricket, rugby and football, as well as a full team of staff running extra-curricular activities.


Our Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to develop active healthy lifestyles and teach the importance of exercise for life long health.

Key Stage 3

Every student is entitled to two hours of PE a week and we introduce the students to a number of activities requiring varying skills and techniques; these include netball, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, gymnastics, rounder’s, cricket athletics, hockey and orienteering.  Students are encouraged to evaluate their own and others’ performances and give feedback to aid improvement in order to compliment the formal assessment procedure in place.

Key Stage 4

The focus for core PE at KS4 is the development of more advanced skills and techniques.


Students who choose GCSE PE for their options will follow an AQA syllabus.  This is a popular course consisting of both practical assessment and an examination.  The syllabus content encourages students to make informed choices about getting involved in healthy physical activities that meet their needs and develops knowledge.

Assessment takes the form of two written exams and non-exam assessment.

Paper 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport What’s assessed • Applied anatomy and physiology • Movement analysis • Physical training • Use of data

Paper 2: Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport What’s assessed • Sports psychology • Socio-cultural influences • Health, fitness and well-being • Use of data

Non-exam assessment: Practical performance in physical activity and sport What’s assessed • Practical performance in three different physical activities in the role of player/performer (one in a team activity, one in an individual activity and a third in either a team or in an individual activity). • Analysis and evaluation of performance to bring about improvement in one activity.

More information can be found on the AQA website under GCSE Physical Education.

BTEC Sport

This is a coursework based subject and involves learning about the body and how it is affected when participating in sport covering the following topics: training and fitness testing; skill, tactics and roles in sport; anatomy and physiology; injury in sport.

Learning includes a range of delivery methods which include, lectures, presentations, first aid, practical lessons, worksheets, internet resources and diet and nutrition.  The work completed at KS4 provides an excellent platform for further study of sport related qualifications in post-16 education.


Extra Curricular Activities

The PE department offer a range of extra curricular activities for all of our students.  The list of activities includes: football, netball, rounder’s, basketball, weights, gymnastics, cricket, orienteering, hockey, street dance, kick boxing, table tennis and trampolining.  In addition to the activities offered currently the PE staff are happy to run clubs for any activity as long as the demand from the students is there.

Sports Activities 2017-18
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If you would like any further information on the PE faculty please do not hesitate to contact Mr Jackson, Curriculum Leader for PE (telephone 01254 264551) who will be more than happy to assist you.

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With attendance at 95% we’ve had our best results at KS3 and GCSE.