The Mathematics Faculty


Mrs A Holden – Curriculum Leader

Mr M Aftab – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss S Khan – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs Emma Davis – SENCO

Mr D Griffiths – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr J Amla – Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Leech – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr G Coleman – Assistant Headteacher

Ms J Robinson – Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs M Bhombal – Teacher of Mathematics

Miss F Bury – Teacher of Mathematics


The Mathematics faculty regularly achieve results that are above the national average for students attaining Grades 9 – 4 (A* -C), 69% in 2017, 76% in 2016 and the best ever GCSE results of 82% in 2014. All results are consistently above the national average. We are delighted for our students who worked so hard with our teaching staff to achieve the results they can justifiably be proud of and which will lay the foundations for future success. Achievement in Mathematics will allow them access to both further study and equip them with skills vital in all employment sectors from manufacturing and industry through to professions in medicine, law, business and science.

Building on this success, our aim is to continue to foster and promote student enjoyment, interest and confidence in Mathematics. This is achieved through creative, innovative and supportive learning environments, active participation is positively encouraged via discussion, investigation and problem solving – key skills vital both for exam success and for life outside school.

The Maths department is made up of experienced teachers whom teach across all abilities and the full age range – allowing clearly-defined focus on all levels of learning. This ensures that each student is offered lessons in Mathematics that are suitable to their individual needs and requirements. Student progress is constantly monitored and evaluated, allowing for the provision of early intervention so that each child is provided with the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Teaching and Learning within the Mathematics Department is enhanced by dedicated ICT facilities and with the introduction of Google Chromebooks in 2016/2017. This has helped stimulate curiosity and a desire to learn, ensuring that all students have access to an interactive online learning environment. All classrooms also have an interactive touch screen whiteboard, allowing our teachers to present lessons with the very latest teaching resources available.

We provide our students with every opportunity to supplement their learning in our classrooms with after school revision sessions for Years 10 and 11 and weekly homework for all year groups. Homework is also regularly set online so that children can practise their Mathematics skills at home.

To encourage our pupils to be independent learners we have introduced notebooks in lessons. We expect the pupil to provide a notebook of at least A5 size which will be used for the pupil to write down examples and make notes of specific methods, keywords and topics that they need to focus on which becomes part of a personalized revision list for them.  This helps them to create an excellent resource which can be used for support with their homework and revising for assessments whilst instilling the skills of how to be an independent learner.

Maths exercise book
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We will also issue each pupil with an orange squared exercise book which they will use for their classwork; below is an example of how we expect the presentation to look.

Maths exercise book 2
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Students at Witton Park have successfully participated in the UK Junior Mathematics Challenge for many years and have been rewarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates of Achievement. We also continue to strengthen ties within the community regularly visiting primary schools or holding events within school, designed to provide an insight into how Mathematics is taught within our school.  This includes running ‘Maths Booster Sessions’ for year 6 and 5 from the following primary schools: Wensley Fold, Sacred Heart, St Silas, St Michael with St John and Brookhouse Primary School. These sessions are held after school at Witton Park and have been very successful and appreciated by the pupils and parents.

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 is comprised of years 7 and 8 and will study the curriculum shown in the documents linked below.

The DO NOW column states which topics the pupils will cover briefly at the first part of the lesson. Our DO NOW program helps pupils to remember the subjects that they have learnt over the past half term by using them as a part of the start of the lesson.

The Assessment column shows you when and how your child will be assessed. Halfway through the term the pupils will participate in a facetime assessment. Over 1 or 2 lessons they will receive direct intervention on topics that they still need support in to help them achieve their target level. At the end of each half term the pupils will sit an assessment which will help the pupils to assess what specific part of their learning they need to work on to help them improve and achieve their target level.

Key Stage 4

Key stage is made up of years 9, 10 and 11 to allow the pupils more time to be able to work with the GCSE concepts.

Schemes of Work


Year 7    Year 8    Year 9    Year 10    Year 11


My child is struggling with Mathematics what can I do?

There are 2 main strategies to take to help support your child in achieving their best in Mathematics.

•    Firstly they need to build up confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve in Mathematics.

•    Secondly they need to identify specific topics in Mathematics that they need to develop and practice. In their notebooks they will build up a personalized revision list.

Confidence and specific skill knowledge can be improved by pupils doing 20 minutes of Mathematics a day. If pupils feel that 20 minutes is unachievable even 10 minutes a day of focused Mathematics study will help improve confidence and skillset.

These things can be achieved by using the following websites to help motivate and improve.
Pupils have a login and password for this website.
Full of videos and practice questions to help with specific topics
This great website has links to lots of topic specific resources
Google classroom is being introduced in 2016/2017
and will have lots of resources and support for your child’s learning.

Your son/daughter could create a poster and tick off how much they have done each day and which topics they have worked on. It is a great boost to their confidence and motivation to see many different topics they have studied.

It is never a problem if you don’t understand something; it is only ever a problem if you don’t do something about it.

Investing time in Mathematics daily is like investing money in the bank, the sooner you start, the bigger the rewards.

If you require any further information or support from our Faculty please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Holden (telephone 01254 264551), who will be happy to assist you.

For up to the minute information, please visit our Facebook page.

With attendance at 95% we’ve had our best results at KS3 and GCSE.