Expressive & Performing Arts Faculty


Subject: Music


The music department is a lively and welcoming department within the Expressive and Performing Arts faculty.

The music department boasts a fully equipped teaching room, four soundproof practice rooms and modern equipment including MIDI drums and guitars, keyboards, Sibelius composition software and a fully equipped recording studio.

For more information please see the music department noiceboard (including peripatetic timetable, Arts Award, school ensembles and pupil evaluation form).

We maintain our own mini-website for the Music department here.

Who’s who?


Subject Leader for Music
Guitar teacher – Mr M Mackey
Woodwind teacher – Mr P Higginson
Vocal and string teacher – Mrs S Islip
Brass teacher – Mrs K Threlfall

Curriculum Map


Year 7

  • Making Connections
  • Night Music
  • Gigajam


Year 8

  • Going Solo
  • Film Music
  • Gigajam


Year 9

  • Chords into Jazz
  • Polyrhythm into minimalism
  • Music for special occasions
  • Making arrangements
  • Rock your GCSE music
  • Performance


Year 10

  • Rhythm and metre
  • Pitch and tonality
  • Chords, harmony and structure
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Rock you GCSE music


Year 11

  • Performance 1
  • Performance 2
  • Composition 1
  • Composition 2


Extra curricular activities

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Music clubs

Practice rooms are available at break and lunch times.

Peripatetic lessons

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Music sessions


Arts Award Bronze
Participant Evaluation
Leader Evaluation


Please see also the EPA – Overview page.


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With attendance at 95% we’ve had our best results at KS3 and GCSE.