Expressive & Performing Arts Faculty

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Subject: Art

Mrs K Cheshire – Teacher of Art

Mrs L Milward – Subject Leader for Art

Ms M Craig – Teacher of Art and Lead Practitioner for Teaching and Learning

Teacher of Art


Decorated masks


The Units of Study

A project focusing on tone with the theme of Gargoyles or African Masks

Pupils learn about symmetry, proportion and how to use tone. Pupils take photographs and manipulate them on Photoshop.

A project on the Mexican festival Day of the Dead

Pupils learn about symbolism and decoration; they create a 3D skull in paper or clay. Pupils use ‘i can animate’ programme to create a mini animation on the theme of Day of the Dead.


The Units of Study

A project focusing on lettering with the theme of Graffiti.

Pupils will learn about lettering, ‘fills’ and layout. Pupils will use Photoshop to manipulate a graffiti image. Pupils will learn about use of colour and tone.

A project using cardboard construction with the theme of Paolozzi.

Pupils will study colour theory and compass use while looking at the work of Paolozzi. Pupils will create a cardboard construction that forms part of a large installation.


The Units of Study

Induction Project

Pupils learn about Art movements and artists throughout time and use a range of media and techniques to create Art work. Assessment relates to the GCSE assessment objectives.

Cross-Curricular Project

Pupils team up with the other EPA options to produce a final Christmas performance on a changing theme.
Pupils produce posters for the final performance and sell tickets.


Pupils create observational drawings, building design, relief and collage work from buildings and natural forms during this project. Their final outcome should reference Gaudi and Hundertwasser.


Pupils create observational drawings, use collage and collect artist research. They use skills in enlargement and composition and experiment in a range of media and techniques to create a portrait final piece.

Pupils learn through a variety of activities to develop their skills in Art, work is teacher, peer and self-assessed at regular intervals during and at the end of each unit of study. Assessments will be taken from sketchbooks and final outcomes.

Pupils are encouraged to visit exhibitions and galleries and take part in Art activities outside of school.

Parents could support pupils by encouraging them to become involved in extra-curricular Art activities at school and drawing at home.

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With attendance at 95% we’ve had our best results at KS3 and GCSE.