Teaching Staff


Mrs J Credie – Curriculum Leader

Mrs E Barrago – Lead Practitioner for English

Ms K Hodgson – Teacher of English

Mrs C Evans – Teacher of English

Miss D Ali – Teacher of English

Mr P Moss – Subject Leader for Media Studies

Miss S Asif-Sarfraz – Teacher of English

Ms S Sells – Teacher of English (part time)

Mr H Goffe – Lead Practitioner for English

Mrs L Smith – Subject Leader for English Literature

Ms L Marsh – Teacher of English


As an English faculty passionate about the progress and attainment our ethos is that every student is entitled to a full and varied curriculum regardless of background or ability. We believe that every student should be given the opportunity to develop as competent readers and functional writers so that their opportunities are widened. All students are challenged and supported in order for them to achieve their full potential.

We strive to foster a love of reading and an appreciation of writing in its many forms.

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Our Learning Aims

At Witton Park Academy the English Faculty firmly believe that every pupil is entitled to the opportunity to develop their skills in reading, writing and Spoken English so that they can become fundamental to their success across the school and beyond. Teachers within the faculty are committed to helping students become critical readers and accomplished writers who are able to communicate their ideas, thoughts and interpretations efficiently and effectively.

Across Key Stages 3 and 4 creative schemes of work, in line with the National Curriculum are used to motivate and engage all learners. The use of Assessment Foci guide lessons and are used rigorously to guarantee solid appraisal of students’ work on a regular basis. We study a range of literature across different eras and cultures to challenge and inspire students; encouraging them to respect diversity and difference. Our faculty is keen to promote the development of literacy. All students study English Language and English Literature during their time at Witton Park Academy. We aim to foster a love of reading and literature that will last a life time and enable critical thinking.

An exciting and motivating curriculum is provided for all of our students and for those students who may find the subject a little more demanding; or our more able students who would benefit from further challenge; we employ a range of interventions in order to secure progress and success. We have arranged Easter School, Saturday School, breakfast booster sessions and after school sessions. All of our sessions are well attended and we are all completely dedicated in ensuring that our children achieve their true potential.

We offer a range of extracurricular activities which build on each child’s subject knowledge and engage students through participation and enjoyment. These include the wonderful opportunity to experience live theatre performances. Pupils have been enthralled this past year by theatre visits to see a unique performance of Romeo and Juliet at Manchester Victorian baths and A View From the Bridge at Bolton’s Octagon Theatre. This year plans are in place to offer students the opportunity to see live performances of Lord Of The Flies and a private showing of Of Mice and Men.

Whatever the subject or ability level of our students we aim to provide an enjoyable and interesting teaching environment, where our students learn to love the study of English as much as we do.


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 our curriculum is full, varied and challenging for all. Students have the opportunity to complete units of work on everything from developing their speaking and listening skills by delivering a speech in a Memories and Moments unit to crafting their writing to suit the gothic genre in a unit entitled Stories with a Twist. We encourage students to read widely and extensively and are proud to introduce students to a wide range of text types and genres, from English heritage and other cultures to more contemporary poetry and prose.

We run the Accelerated Reader programme which rewards students the more that they read; helps them to choose books appropriate to their reading age and tests them to identify progress and highlight areas for further support and intervention.

Click below for overviews of the schemes of work at Key Stage 3:

Year 7

English Year 7

Year 8

English Year 8

Year 9

English Year 9


Key Stage 4

In year 10 we now deliver the new AQA GCSE specifications in English Literature and English Language.

Overviews of these courses are available below. As coursework, controlled assessment and speaking and listening are no longer components of the GCSE course regular assessments take place throughout the school year so that progress and attainment can be tracked and relevant interventions put into place.

English Language


English Literature



Some useful resources for the AQA GCSEs:


GCSE English Language: Information for Parents

GCSE English Literature: Information for Parents

BBC Bitesize resources for English Language

BBC Bitesize resources for English Literature


English Language Paper 1, Question 3 is a major component of the mark. Here are some YouTube videos by teachers around the country about how to approach this question:

Ms Reay        Mrs Whelan        Mr Salles        Mr Bruff


Mr Bruff’s 2 minute guides to the poetry cluster:
Power and Conflict, Form and Structure

Ozymandias     Remains     London     Bayonet Charge

Exposure     Poppies     Kamikaze     Tissue

Checking Out Me History     Prelude     My Last Duchess

War Photographer     The Emigree     Tissue

Charge of the Light Brigade


Mr Bruff’s Poetry Cluster Rap

Mr Bruff’s Poetry Analysis Guide

Mr Bruff’s Poetry Comparison: Oymandias and London


Mr Bruff’s Blood Brothers Essay Guide

Mr Bruff’s Lord of the Flies – The Beast

Mr Bruff’s Lord of the Flies – Jack

Mr Bruff’s Macbeth – Ambition

Mr Bruff’s Macbeth – Lady Macbeth as powerful

Mr Bruff – An Inspector Calls Part 1

Mr Bruff’s A Christmas Carol guide


Mrs Whelan’s Literature Paper 1 – A Christmas Carol walk-through

Mrs Whelan’s Literature Paper 1 – Shakespeare walk-through


If you would like any further information concerning the English Faculty please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Barrago (telephone 01254 264551) who will be more than happy to assist you.

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With attendance at 95% we’ve had our best results at KS3 and GCSE.