Student Council

A Message from Student Council


Student Council is a group where students are given the opportunity, resources and assistance to create a unique and memorable school year. Students of all years, all backgrounds form the Student Council to bring change and ideas to life.

By working with other students, faculty members, and administrators, Student Council plan events and represent the student body. Student Council reflects the voice of students and what they want to see in their high school experience.

Our Student Council is extremely important to our School. We value each and every student and we believe that they should be able to have their opinion heard on what happens within our School. Our Student Forum has influenced many decisions within our School including the facilities within our new building.

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What is the Student Council?
The Student Council is a group of students that get together and discuss school matters. This is the students’ opportunity to have their say and talk about what they would like to see change, stay the same or any other ideas that they may have regarding school life.

Who Takes Part?
The whole school is involved in Student Council, as every student has the right to voice their ideas, thoughts and opinions. However only one student from each tutor group, attends the meetings. These students are called the Tutor Student Council Representatives. Before a meeting it is the representative’s duty to discuss any issues or ideas that their tutor group have. These points are then discussed further in the Student Council meetings.

When do Student Council Meet?
Student Council meetings take place every 2 months. This is in order that the representatives have enough time to talk to their Tutor Group to obtain plenty of information to take to their meeting.

Student Council Achievements
Listed below is a small sample of some of the things that the Student Council have been involved in either helping change or run:

First aid courses
New School day
Charity fundraising
Assisted on educational visits
Participated in the recruitment process of new members of teaching staff, including the Headteacher
Re-designed the girls toilets
Requested and received picnic tables round the School
Arranged, and advised on School rewards
Asked for and obtained Nintendo Wii’s for School lunchtimes

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Pupils enjoy school; feel challenged, supported and safe.

With attendance at 95% it's no coincidence we have excellent results.