Meet the Pupils of Witton Park

"I have met lots of my friends at Witton Park, and we all like our school. Everyone tries hard to help you with your work, and encourages you to do your best."

Year 7 Pupil

"Witton Park has pushed me to work hard, given me a great chance to get the best GCSE results I can, and has helped me to plan my future at college and university."

Year 8 Pupil

"Witton Park is like one big community. The school is very peaceful and everyone gets along well."

Year 9 Pupil

"The teachers and everybody at Witton Park make you feel welcome, and I really enjoy the different lessons that we get to do."

Year 10 Pupil

"Our school is very modern and the building has lots of things to help us learn. Classrooms are very quiet and it's a good place to do our lessons."

Year 11 Pupil