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Technology has become so advanced that schools are becoming increasingly reliant on it. The use of technology in schools has improved massively, from using the blackboard to the interactive whiteboard. Teachers use it a teaching tool and students use it as a learning tool.

But is this a good thing?

The BBC team interviewed students and teachers at Witton Park Academy, which recently partnered with Google and introduced the “Chromebooks for learning” scheme into the school. The scheme allows students to buy chromebooks from the school and use them in lessons to help improve and enhance the students learning experiences.

We found out the opinions of students and teachers alike and put the headteacher to the challenge of not using technology for a day.

The response from one student was “The chromebook helps me with my homework because it’s so much easier and faster to use.” Another student went onto to say that it helps with their homework as well as their class work because teachers can provide them with feedback in and out of lessons. Ms Cottam our own Google Champion said that the new technology has made students “eager to learn new things.”

The headteacher Mr Logan said technology ” Is really important as a tool to helping you to improve.” His reaction after taking the no technology challenge was that it was quite hard not having the routine that he would normally have and he did not like at all. He also said it made him feel uncomfortable without technology.

Here at Witton Park Academy there is a strong belief that technology is an essential learning tool which helps both staff and students to adapt to the future.

Pupils enjoy school; feel challenged, supported and safe.

With attendance at 95% it's no coincidence we have excellent results.